Free Monitor Manager

Free Monitor Manager 3.1

Simple tool to change the brightness, contrast and colors of your screen easily

There are more comfortable ways of changing your screen brightness, contrast, and RGB color values than fumbling around with your laptop function keys or your monitor adjustment menu every time the light conditions change. Free Monitor Manager wraps up in a small and simple interface enough functionality to let you create profiles for your preferred monitor settings, hot keys to increase or decrease your monitor’s brightness and contrast, and associate specific adjustment profiles to specific applications.

The program’s totally free version will allow you to define and save for later use as many profiles as required. Thus, you can have different sets of brightness, contrast, and color values for different light environments, such as when using your laptop outdoors on a shiny day, on a plane cabin with the lights dimmed, working on your PC in daylight or at night under artificial light, etc. Each of these situations requires specific monitor settings in order to set the right levels of brightness and contrast that your eyes should be exposed to under different circumstances. Each profile is associated to a monitor, so if you happen to have more than one attached to your computer, you have the possibility of combining your profiles and your monitors in whatever way is more convenient to you or your computer use habits. These profiles can be easily selected through the program’s main interface.

From the same main window, you can also access that extra functionality that makes this efficient tool stand out from similar apps. You can set hot keys to increase or decrease the brightness and contrast levels by the percentage of your choice, noting that you can have different increase and decrease values associated to as many different hot keys as needed. Likewise, you can associate specific brightness and contrast increases or decreases to any app running on your system. This way, every time you launch that application or – if already open – click on its window, your screen will take the values you set for it. Both the hot keys and the settings associated to your apps can be easily edited or deleted using the tabs provided for each function.

However, you will need to acquire a yearly license key to make use of these extra features and whatever new ones may come up during that period. This key will also allow you to activate and use this extra functionality in as many computers as you wish. By offering you a simple and flexible way of setting the right brightness, contrast, and color levels that different light conditions require, Free Monitor Manager will help you reduce eye strain and thus improve your productivity.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to create and save profiles with your adjustments
  • Hot keys to increase and decrease the brightness of your monitor
  • Allows you to apply specific profiles to specific apps


  • The free version's functionality is fairly limited
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